Captcha: archbishop flabrus


Been frustrated with Mike lately. Lots of accidents in the house. I try to
keep my cool, but I tire of cleaning up shit and piss. Sometimes I feel like
nobody else gives a shit about his habits at night because they all want to go
to bed early. Early by my standards. No clue how people can sleep at 22:00.

Anyway, that's not the point.

Leaving the house today, ran into my landlady's landscaper. He asked me how I
was doing. I replied, "Nothing has ruined my day yet, so I'm doing well."

He replied (paraphrasing), "Good, don't let anyone or anything ruin your day,
then they're living rent-free in your head."

Fucking hippie has a point. I've done well living that philosophy in the
past, but we all slip up from time to time. Need to work on that. Daily

Life's what you make of it.

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