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Early this morning I told my mother she isn't welcome to come back here.

I want to say that it was very difficult but honestly it wasn't. It felt good to be angry about the situation, instead of just being mopey or indecisive or emotional. Something clicked in my head when she started going on about people using her stuff.

Truthfully, I've been waiting for that. I needed to be mad, and a little drunk, in order to say the things I needed to say.

I love her and I want to help her, but we can't live together anymore. I just can't live like that. None of us can. So, I still drover over to the CRC today to bring her a bible and her phone charger. I didn't have the guts to look her in the face though. I blamed there being too many people around in a small room but that was only half the story. I didn't want to get emotional in front of her and I was already on my way over there. Couldn't help it.

Regardless, what is done is done and what has been said has been said. I just hope I did the right thing. Dawn says I did, and Diane might think I did, but time will tell.

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