Captcha: archbishop flabrus


Took Mike around running errands today. My mom enjoyed seeing him. Of course she was drunk as fuck but that isn't surprising.

Mike got to go around the pet store with me, car rides, and a milkbone at CVS. He had more fun doing all that than he would on a walk. That's just how he is.

Mary got to walk with Homer and she enjoyed that too.

Today I did a ton of house work. I don't need any of Dawn's meds to get all this shit done. I won't take it anymore anyway either.

She's been coming to terms over the past few days about how much that shit has fucked up her brain. Things she used to enjoy she can't anymore. Nothing is exciting. She's going to quit taking this stuff soon, after she talks to Diane tomorrow. I just hope the changed aren't permanent and she can get back to some kind of human existence again, instead of being a robot.

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