Captcha: archbishop flabrus


One of the longest days of my life.

Midnight to 3: working on helping to troubleshoot the router cutover. Billy's show but I have to troubleshoot.

Sleep till woken up at 07 by support. Support can't dial the outside world. Resolved by 8:45. Had to disable an ACL to do it. Felt lazy. Grab coffee and go to the office.

Spend eight hours troubleshooting connecting to EGS/AGS fleet from remote VPN. Phone calls, testing, Fortinet support, etc.

Drive home, pick up Dawn, take her to therapy at 18:00. Tell Diane about how the adderall is killing her. Actually feel useful for once today. Get sent to take blood for drug level test.

Sit around clinic to take blood test that her insurance may nor even pay for. Take her to Starbucks for a coffee that she promptly spills all over the front floor mat. Get 2nd coffee free, out of pity.

Go to ER. Sit around till she can be seen to make sure her heart isn't about to explode. Get slightly gaslit by doctor. Convince her to at least get EKG and vitals done. Drug script to get her through the worst of withdrawals.

22:00, finally home. Eat, shower, type this. Bed soon.

April Fool's.

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